I Tried

by Farewell Reality

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Farewell Reality launches its first EP, featuring three songs, as a teaser for its first album, release date and name to be announced.


released January 28, 2015



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Farewell Reality Altoona, Pennsylvania

A four man effort from Pennsylvania influenced by rock, blues, country, and even EDM. Comprised of an audio engineer who plays every instrument known to man, a guitarist who probably shouldn't be singing, a bass player who occasionally shows up, and a drummer who, well, drums, Farewell Reality is proud to release "Come Up For Air", an album touching on everything from the "American Dream" to love. ... more

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Track Name: I Tried
Verse 1/Take off your bandage, time to face the world/get out of the spotlight, nurse your wounds alone/shut up your pride it's overthrown your mind/stop it, just stop it, it's killing me to watch you/Chorus/Becoming the monster you swore you'd slay/embracing your sins instead of pushing them away/numbing yourself so you can't feel/as you break the heart I tried to heal/I tried, I swear I tried/Verse 2/What have you done with yourself/where have you gone I’ve been looking for you/why did you come into my life/if it was just to leave me here alone... to watch you/Chorus/Bridge/I did everything I could, but you brought this on yourself/Now all I need to know is are you happy without me, happy without me, happy without me?/Cause if you are than I guess that I am too, but that doesn’t mean that I won't watch you/Chorus (2x)
Track Name: The Voices
Verse 1/My head is filled with these undying, awful voices I tell them shut up, pack up, get lost, get out of my mind/they laugh at me demand just a little more of me, every time/a little further than where I'd gone before/another step, a breath, that I waste en route to death/and I smile as I curse them... and laugh as I plot to overthrow/Chorus/The voices, lurking in the back of my skull/they drink their fill from me until they’re full/the voices, in control of me I, the puppet, obeying my master/The voices oh! They haunt me so/The voices. oh the voices. oh the voices/Verse 2/I don’t remember how they got into my head/I can't recall exactly what I said/when I realized that something else was in control/I tried to find what was left of me/Oh saving grace where are you when I need you/I destroy what I hold dear and cling to, everything I hate/so please, somebody have mercy on a shipwrecked mind/so please, anybody....... Anybody/Chorus/Bridge/Everyone is watching me now/Everyone is watching you/Everyone is talking about me/Everyone is talking/This is it, I'm turning off/This is it, I'm shutting up/The voices surrounding me/They are not my masters anymore/Oh the Voices/Just beware/Of those voices/Oh the voices (3x)
Track Name: Pray
Verse 1/I go through this life wondering, what will tomorrow bring/Will it be a day of sorrow, or in which one I can sing/The only certain thing about my life is that it's painfully uncertain/Will it be friends or fame, or God or greed I make important/Pre-Chorus/In this life, there are so many paths for me to choose from/My choices, what will they make me become/Should I go left or right, Should I keep up this fight or just lose it/Chorus/Give me knowledge, give me peace/I can't seem to find it, anywhere I reach/Oh where should I go/If I look up will you help me find/the person who I am deep inside/who I was meant to be/Oh please help me find my way Oh/For this I pray... For this I pray/Verse 2/On the outside I may seem/like I don't care what people say about me/But in my mind, I am thinking/Why are they judging me/There's a constant suffering/In my heart and in my soul/I've never felt this love you speak of/Am I too far gone for you/Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/Bridge/I wanna turn out right I wanna face this fight/to be the man that I'm supposed to be/I wanna treat you right and give up my life/to become who I'm supposed to be/But I don't know, where I'm supposed to go/And I don't know, what will become of me/Pre-Chorus/Chorus