Come up for Air

by Farewell Reality

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released August 17, 2016



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Farewell Reality Altoona, Pennsylvania

A four man effort from Pennsylvania influenced by rock, blues, country, and even EDM. Comprised of an audio engineer who plays every instrument known to man, a guitarist who probably shouldn't be singing, a bass player who occasionally shows up, and a drummer who, well, drums, Farewell Reality is proud to release "Come Up For Air", an album touching on everything from the "American Dream" to love. ... more

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Track Name: Heartbeats
intro/breathe in, breath out (3x) now stop/listen to your heartbeat fading/verse 1/stay calm for now, breathe deeply close your eyes/take time to save you entrapped mind/this life is yours to give or yours to forfeit/take your best shot tonight let me see you try to live/chorus/when you come up for air i swear you don’t see me/when you look me in the eyes the colors wash away/so worship all your kings while i pull your strings/and breathe in and breathe out and know that i won’t let you fade/verse 2/grab hold of something real and hold on tight/don’t fear the evil shadows of the night/can you feel your heartbeat growing weak/it longs for a break, you made a mistake/it longs for a break but you’re not a mistake/it longs for a break, you made a mistake/it longs for a break but you’re not a mistake tonight/chorus
Track Name: Far-off Places
verse 1/we got telephones to communicate/machine guns to anialate /the ones we don’t wanna talk to/we need two cars just to get by/and in our mansions hide and try/to be content with our lives/throwing parties with our friends/get hammered and do it again /we’ve tabooed the term taboo/chorus/so tell me/what do you see /when you look across the ocean /and dream of far-off places (2x)/verse 2/in a place across the blue /families are torn in two/but not because they cannot get along/war and famine, daily threats/they’re much braver than us i bet/they don’t want fame or much respect but i digress/no one is truly ignorant but everyone is hesitant /to look ‘em in the eye and say i see you/chorus
Track Name: Gateway
verse 1/i crossed mountains and rivers/smiled at strangers/all to land before your feet/this place is haunting /fear goes by silence/the punishment remains unchanged/take me to oceans/lead me through cities/forget my face and name/i wrote my will out/but scribbled your name out/you’ve taken enough /out of me and my mind/chorus/me and my mind fight me and my sins/why should i be nice to all of these sinners/we’re all one flesh here don’t get your hopes up/perfection is a state of mind, the gateway to insanity hey hey/now i’m leaving, now you’re stealing quiet looks at me/but habits haunt you as you turn away/as you panic, as you plea i’m left to wander on/at 16, 17, 18 now i cannot entertain your longings darling/verse 3/holed up, cut off, stuck up, uptight, runnin’ on fumes from a smokey room/sleeping, eating, waiting, crying, sleeping again sounds good i guess (2x)/tonight/bridge/hey darling la la la la la la la (4x)/hey darling, find a ride, go around the ballroom, then go home/show off, stick out, show the world, show ‘em what you’ve become tonight/chorus
Track Name: Tried It All
verse 1/i went to a party hosted by a guy i didn’t know/they said indulge, cut the rope, it’ll feel so good/i tried it all (2x)/i woke up sick in a pile of dirty shirts/in some strange way, i loved it even though it hurt/i started to fall, that started my fall/chorus/those days the days were darker than the night/but i’m ok so i guess i got it right/not everyone was as lucky as me/not everyone got to leave for free/verse 2/i met a nice guy with a heart of good intentions/he just needed a break from this world filled with heartache/he was so far gone, was he too far gone/i poured a glass of wasted graceless tears from my eyes to sympathize/with everyone around me, well at least i tried/but i lost them all, have i lost myself/chorus/these days the days are darker than the nights i’m not ok, and this doesn’t feel right/i guess everyone was as lucky as me/we’re all trapped, we’re all drowning in ourselves/and we wanna drown the ocean in itself/tag/i tried it all
Track Name: Monotone Repetitive Redundancy (MRR)
i’m sitting alone, no one answers their phones/at home at the bar, how did i get so far/no one knows my name, but they’re not to blame/i offer to dance, and you take a chance/with a worn out soul with a heart for a brain/maybe if i’m lucky, you won’t be the same/i just want you to stay/chorus 1/i’m feeling lonesome, so i think i’ll go/our time is done, so i’ll hit the road/i know you’re not gone yet, and neither am i/but it’s just me, why would you even try/verse 2/salvation is free, but it’s not easy/we try to get rich, stay healthy and fit/i own two cars, but i’m not that far/from the american dream, or so it seems/what about you, you seem uptight/that’s kinda like me, and that’s downright/terrifying, how it seems we could possibly be together/chorus 1/chorus 2/so many people saying so many things/and every night, one always rings/in my head, in my heart, and on my chattering teeth/you didn’t mean to steal me, but you’re still a thief to me/oh you’re still my thief/bridge/cause when i go home/everyone asks are you still alone/and i smile and say, i’m ok, i’m ok, i just smile and i’m ok/ they see right through me, and i wish they didn’t/chorus 1/chorus 2
Track Name: Television Static
verse 1/the party was fun, but i have to go/i’m missing out on your fashion show/one more sip and i’m out the door/one more sip and i’m on the floor/i rolled in late, i think i hate this car/i should get rich and buy a first-place trophy/i’m the best damn husband in the usa/but only for today/chorus/i’m trapped in the past and your mind’s in the future (4x)/verse 2/i’m curled up next to your empty dress/and television static eats my brain/you’re one room away, drinking champagne/nice of you to invite me/i made a list of what i lost and you were next in line/i scribbled out your name/i turned this into a sickening game/chorus/bridge/i’m trapped in the past and your mind’s in the future
Track Name: This Moment
verse 1/it only takes a moment for you to cross my mind/every time i think of you i die inside/it's like a bullet to my heart when we collide/it only takes a moment for you to cross my mind/verse 2/it only takes a moment for you to take control/i run and hide just to find you're everywhere i go/i really hate the way you take my mind and make it yours/it only takes a moment for you to take control/chorus/you have my heart in your fist/you just won't let it go/my sanity's in your hands/you have my heart, please don't break it/(2x)/verse 3/it only takes a moment for you to steal my breath/even if i catch your back, i'm scared to death/that you will steal my heart again, just like before/but it only takes a moment for you to steal my breath/chorus (2x)/tag/it only takes a moment for you to cross my mind
Track Name: One Chance
you speak fluently at first/you greet strangers with a smile and a curse/unpacking lies with little boxes do your worst/take your time but just be warned/it’s running out/your heart is fading /your mind will go/you don’t get a second chance/to come alive/and grow a heart/don’t shut me out/i’m almost gone/i’m almost gone/chorus/you got one chance, take back your life/you’re not the only one you’re hurting with your lies/you got one chance to make this right/i will not stand by you and watch you tear apart our lives/(2x)/verse 2/you look past me into space/your eyes betray you/i still know that you’re a disgrace/i see what you’ve done to take your place/you may fool this world, but just be warned/this world will fade/your time is wasting/don’t doubt the truth/it never lies/but you/you always do/oh can’t you see/you’re losing me/you’re losing me/chorus
Track Name: Lost
1/i am lost in this life/i can’t see where i’m going/(2x)/chorus/without you, i am nothing/without you, i can’t do anything/without you, i am nothing lord/without you, i am lost/i am lost/verse2/ i am lost in this life/i can’t see where i’m going/i am lost in this life/i am blind/chorus/tag/i can’t seem to find my way/ i am lost/i just don’t know the way/i am lost
Track Name: Oxygen
you know you need oxygen, you know you need air/breathe in, breathe out/someone wake me up when it’s over/someone wake me up/please get me out of here/please save me